Being your District Attorney is the most difficult and challenging endeavor of my life, but I realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to make a difference.  I am very proud to live and serve in my home, Oklahoma County.  Our community is enjoying a positive momentum that is directly related to a coordinated approach to deal with some of our most challenging issues.  I am working daily with my law enforcement partners and business leaders, community advocates, service providers, local officials and the faith-based community, to develop long-term strategic programs to create a safer and healthier Oklahoma County.  We are making great progress and the nation is watching.

“Mental health, brain health, and substance abuse issues drive most of the criminal behavior in our community.  A proactive and prevention-oriented approach to those issues is the only meaningful way to address the problem. I have been a national leader in the use of treatment courts, like Drug Court, Mental Health Court and numerous prison diversion programs that directly address female incarceration and foster care issues. We established a Veteran’s Diversion Program devoted to serving those who have given their all to protect us. Veterans suffering from service-related trauma should be treated rather than incarcerated when we can.

“The District Attorney’s office should be a reflection of our values.  Our community’s reputation for fairness and justice can be directly related to how I handle matters that come before me. My effort, every day, is to focus on fair and just outcomes for those who intersect me and our office.  I try to treat everyone equally and fairly, period. Throughout my career, I have enforced the law and prosecuted those who break our laws and violate the public trust, regardless of an offender’s social status or political connections. I take my oath very seriously.

Let’s Keep David!

David is committed to justice.  He has a proven track record of standing up to corrupt politicians and fighting the status quo.

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